Metal shelves are the universal shopping system, suitable for exhibition of both small (cosmetics) and large (building materials) goods in smaller shops or shopping centres. Due to the unique construction metal shelves may be of different heights, lengths or widths and have a possibility to quickly adjust the heights of shelves. A wide assortment of accessories and specialized elements is applied to such shelves.

Metal shelves distinguish by high holding powers, their load reaches even up to 2 tons for 1 running meter. Manufacturing raw material of metal shelves is steel of special purpose, which is grease-removed and covered with anticorrosive covers, extruded, bent and perforated. All operations are fully automated and computerized. The unique line of powder painting enables to reach the especial resistance of these constructions to fraction and their durability. These shelves conform to all European standards and are distributed in all the EU Member-States.

Products of different heights, lengths and widths and the specialized accessories are perfectly suitable for solving the issues of trade organization both in very large and small premises. Metal shelves are the high-quality product for a reasonable price.



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